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Motivated professionals...proven solutions
Looking for a reliable, enthusiastic housekeeping team that you don't have to manage? A team that meets the highest cleaning standards, and does it consistently?

LaCosta Housekeeping services are your solution!

Motivation and self-management sets us apart
LaCosta's motivated, expertly managed team uses unique systems for monitoring itself -- taking the responsibility out of your hands. With incentive programs for our staff, and industry-leading standard operating procedures, we provide you with a team you can rely on. Whether your organization specializes in pharmaceuticals, food processing, printing, manufacturing, or needs to meet OSHA, FDA or clean room requirements, LaCosta will get the job done right.

Consistency & efficiency through standard operating procedures
While we customize our practices for each facility, all are grounded in our solutions-based management methodology and standard operating procedures so you can be assured of consistent, high quality work. Our standard operating procedures include work schedules, work procedures, customer communications guidelines, quality measurement systems, safety procedures, training and more.

Unique customer service tools
To maintain ongoing communication with you at all times, we offer a range of tailored customer service tools and web based reporting functions, including:

  • Checklist systems
  • Communication logs for tracking daily requests
  • Cleaning notification cards
  • Customer service hotline
  • Summary specifications
  • Restroom policing schedule and notification log


  • Stickers for trash and recycling
  • 24-hour paging system
  • Newsletter
  • Partnering meetings
  • Website real time reporting
  • Performance measures & scorecards
  • Inspections


Automated personnel tracking systems
To ensure that personnel are on the job, we use an automated personnel scheduling system. This system tracks personnel and alerts managers of absences, allowing management to allocate resources from a floater pool if necessary. We train floaters to use our standard operating procedures as well as your company guidelines, so you can be assured that tasks are performed properly.

Measuring quality assurance
To continually improve our services, we offer a variety of quality assurance procedures and programs including Formal Quality Inspections, Hot Spot Inspections, Customer/Key Contact Surveys, and Team Scheduling. Our Managers evaluate real and perceived quality in a variety of housekeeping areas using "Green/Yellow/Red" status sheets, with corresponding action items for our staff to follow.  These measure allow us to proactively manage your housekeeping services.

Safety first
Our personnel are trained to follow your facility's safety procedures and the proper reporting of accidents. Our managers perform regular safety audits & inspections. We have an excellent safety record due to our zero lost time policy and light duty programs. See our safety section for more information on our safe work practices and programs.

Rigorous training and orientation
Every LaCosta employee completes a rigorous training and orientation program, as well as site-specific training. Training doesn't stop there, however. It is ongoing with our weekly Tool Box Meetings, in which the team discusses site-specific issues and reviews procedures. For more on training, see our training section.

Smooth start-up
To ease your changeover concerns and ensure a smooth transition to our services, we offer a seamless proven process for changeover. We establish your confidence in us by dedicating an entire team to start-ups.
We'll first meet with you to identify your site requirements, from your key housekeeping goals to your safety requirements to your Hot Spots. Then we follow a transition checklist so that no aspect of the transaction is overlooked.

A team you can count on
How do you know you can count on LaCosta's housekeeping team? With full-time recruiters on staff, we prescreen and hire qualified, enthusiastic personnel. We keep them motivated with award programs, benefits, incentives, and internal promotions based on exceptional performance.

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